Why bother with One of A Kind Rugs?

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Why bother with One of A Kind Rugs?

Inherently when you buy a one of a kind rug, you are buying a hand knotted, hand dyed artisan rug made to to last for at least a century, staying in style throughout. As so the value of the pieces maintains longer than generic or "disposable" rugs.

One of a kind rugs have slight imperfections, as do we all, giving it character. Ultimately apart from the practical benefits of a rug, character makes your home, your home.

This rug will last generations, and carry the story of all the people who were lucky to step foot on it. Memories will be made on it, and if they are one of a kind, will trigger those memories in years to come.

You are already one of a kind, but when your rug is one of a kind, your home is one of a kind, and that is a distinction you will treasure forever.

Saying all of this, you go to make sure the price is right, obviously. You can get great deals from dealers and manufacturers selling below cost. Shop around, see what works for you!

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